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SPECIAL THANKS to Lloyd Baldeagle and Timothy Marquand, (son of a Pulitzer Prize winner), a musician who distributes African tribal music through Stern’s. Both have been helpful in finding the right words to bridge the understanding between our cultures through this Home Page, along with Webmaster Debby West at Hologram Communications. . Thanks also to Scott Halazon, a Harvard MBA with Big Key advanced technology, Barry ZeVan, Sue Miller, Cherokee scientist Lisa Tully, and Joanie Klar for helping with grants, as well as all those who have contributed to this progress for humanity.

NAOTF thanks Christopher Simmons, founder of prestigious Send2Press Newswire (R)*, for helping give American Indians a national voice.

* a unit of Neotrope(R),

What a surprise as I thought Americans and Canadians lost completely their links with the ancient roots, knowledge and traditions of the original inhabitants, so thanks for sharing and all your efforts. --Eduardo de la Barrera, Latin American

NAOTF’s inspiring work is helping bring racial harmony to America.”       -- President Bill Clinton

“As co-founder and Vice Chair of the U.S. House of Representative’s Native American Caucus (60 members), congratulations on your Native American Millennial Ski events. It’s heartening to know that there are groups like yours across America that are working to better the lives of their Indian friends and neighbors."     --Patrick Kennedy, Member of Congress 

"Congratulations on all the efforts of Native American Olympic Team Foundation. All of us at Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation hope that the success of our "Future Ute Olympians Program" (taught by Billy's Olympic coaches) will stimulate other resorts and towns to host Native American youth for ski and snowboarding experiences. If we may be of further help in spreading the word, please let us know." --Chris Diamond, President, and Billy Kidd, Director of Skiing