Opinion: $3.4 Trillion ‘Divestments’ can get Ski Areas and Tribes Clean Energy to Extend Snow and Shorelines

Humanity owes a debt of gratitude to 350.org, founded by Bill McKibben, for helping organize unprecedented numbers of World Peoples Marches, including Pope Francis urging Catholics to join, to ensure world leaders agree on strong legally binding climate agreements at the UN’s 2015 Paris Climate Summit Nov 30-Dec 12. Paris’ 10,000 Shoe Protest, 15 yr old Xiuh Martinez’ “Million Student Walk Out,” and unprecedented world prayer power, including the Shift Network’s Invocation for the UN Conference on Climate Change, also showed who we are, and why we are poised to turn the tide in Paris.

Mexico’s ‘UN Compassion Week’ Oceandance inspires Whale … Miracle!

Another example of the power of gratitude prayers is Puerto Vallarta’s Azteca-Cherokee led protection ceremony NAOTF organized after the death of a whale: See promo of documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaaby0o5-CI&feature=youtu.be

The Prestigious Guadalajara U is planning on studying this phenomena that purifies the oceans, fortified by the snowdance phenomena in the US.


You can help resolve the biggest conflict since the Indian Wars ended in 1891, this time between the Arizona Snow Bowl Ski Areas, teamed with the National Ski Areas Association, against the 13 tribes of Arizona and the Sierra Club, by being a part of an OLIVE BRANCH Snow Prayer.


Over two hundred Sedona citizens overflowed City Hall Chambers on August 15, to plead with Council members and the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) to preserve their renowned dark and starry skies. Led by Keep Sedona Beautiful, Inc.(KSB), Sedona residents enlightened their leaders “on alternatives to putting up 76 sodium light poles that would add to global warming and cancer, while turning this magnificent town into a Las Vegas strip,” according to Native American Olympic Team Foundation co-chair, Olympian Suzy “Chapstick” Chaffee.

“Hail to Pragmatists Embracing Scientific & Spiritual Global Cooling Solutions!”

Thanks to our Earth Hugs on 7.7.07 and 7/17, “the Earth temperature slightly lowered, and the oceans were re-energized, which will continue if we continue,” say many Saints / Holy Ones / Ascended Masters / Seers / Star Nations, depending on your faith, backed by our intuition.

On 7/17 many Earth Family members gathered to rejoice and build on the phenomenal 777 blessings during the “Fire of the Grid” world internet event, which coincided with Dr Masuru Emoto (NY Times Bestseller “Messages from Water”) leading his annual world ceremony to give “Love and Thanks to Water.”

“The electro


America’s Red Rock Cathedral, Sedona is becoming a Green Model of Hope for Earth’s children and the Winter Olympics. “To keep Sedona healthy and enhance global cooling,our community is taking bold measures,”said Green Sedona founder Matthew Turner, a 34 year old environmental scientist. “Turner offers businesses and families simple natural solutions that the youth can coach, which raise the green bar necessary for having a realistically brighter future,”said Olympic skier, Suzy Chaffee, co-chairman of the partneringNative American Olympic Team Foundation.

Native American Olympic Team Foundation Earth Family Invited To Unite on Earth Day

On Earth Day Sunday, April 22, we are inviting our Earth Family to join together in loving prayer for our Mother Earth. This is a chance to unite perhaps two billion people, one third of our Earth Family, to feel love and appreciation for Mother Earth, which also does wonders to rebalance Her,” said Olympic skier Suzy “Chapstick” Chaffee, co-founder of Native American Olympic Team Foundation.

13 yr old Olympic Hopeful Mariah Cooper (Lac Courte Oreille-Oneida), Jr Miss Honor the Earth Princess, prayer-signing her love for Mother Earth to open event for Wisconsin Governor Gaylord Nelson, a Father of Earth Day.

Lightning Strikes at Telluride’s Ute Ceremony

Thunder, lightning, snow then sunshine heralded a touching Gratitude Ceremony in Telluride’s Mountain Village on Closing Weekend led by 13 Ute Mountain youth. “The bolt of lightning and half foot of powder perhaps had something to do with Ken Stone, Telski’s Marketing Director, announcing developing a plan that would raise the bar nationally for partnerships between ski areas and tribes,” said Olympic skier Suzy “Chapstick” Chaffee, co-founder of Native American Olympic Team Foundation.

General Schwarzkopf Saluted by Olympians

L-R) Mark Fitzgerald,Olympians Naomi Lang (Karuk Tribe) andSuzy Chaffee withscientist Sperry Andrews, at Tampa’s DeBartolo Benefit, honoring General Norman H. Schwarzkopf for inspiring Colorado’s Telluride SkiCo to share free skiing with the ancestral Utes, which led to turning around Europe’s “catastrophic” snow drought in February.
“Snowsports and Winter Olympic lovers are empowered that by praying more together, we can further slow down the global warming and bring back the snows,” agreed the amazed organizers: Mary Ho, a China Olympic host as President of the China Millennium Council, Jan Roberts, Earth CharterUS President and delegate to UNCommission on Sustainable Development, scientist Sperry Andrews, director of Human Connection Institute of the Oneness Network, Olympic skier Suzy Chaffee, co-chair Sedona (AZ) based NVF, as well as supporters Ambassador Gil Robinson and Stanford’s Dick Enersen.
“Not so surprising since oralhistory tells us that ourtribal ancestors (even the Pilgrims) influencedthe weather. IndigenousElders and others with the gift, as well as group meditation and prayers like ours, continue those practices,” said Andrews.


Naomi Lang (Cal Karuk) and Peter Tchernyshev (Russian) ice dancing stars of the 2002 Olympics, and other Legends of Skating will be putting on the Ritz in some hot designer threads during Disson Skating’s “Fashion on the Ice” Special on the Style Network Monday, February 9 from 3:00-5:00pm ET.

For the first time some of 7th Avenue’s hottest designers, a Victoria Secret host, and la creme of world skaters, have teamed up to create a visual feast de resistance, as well as interesting experiment, complete with a wardrobe malfunctions and other surprises.

Native American Olympic Bid

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EldersLead”Prayer for Healing of Earth” Possibly abillion may beparticipating

With Europe experiencing the warmest winter in 1,250 years, Woody Vaspra (Hawaiian), President of the World Council of Elders of over 50 countries, was asked to lead a‘Prayer for the Healing & Care of our Mother Earth.’ This happened as a result of Vaspra graciously offering the Council’sIndigenous Elders tohold ceremonies worldwide to heal and rebalance the man-made part of the global warming, to help ensure the healthy future of skiing, boarding and the Winter Olympics. A group of leaders, many centered in Sedona, with networks representing possibly a billion internationals gathered to lendsupport, excited about sending out Vaspra’s following prayer,” according to Olympic skier, Suzy Chaffee, Native American Olympic Team Foundation co-chairman:

Naomi Lang First Indian Woman Olympian; Hot ‘Latin on Ice’ TV Special

To the sultry strains of Carlos Santana / Rob Thomas, stunning Naomi Lang (Karuk Tribe), 2002 Utah Olympic ice dancing star, melts the “Latin On Ice” Special on the Style Network Friday, Jan. 12th at 5pm ET and on Sunday, Jan. 14th at 10am ET.

Befittingly the Seminole’s Hard Rock Casino in Ft. Lauderdale was the backdrop for Naomi’s shining moment with her hot Russian partner Peter Tchernyshev, who inspired a standing ovation at Salt Lake. The pair’s seductive dance called “Smooth,” is the “pride and joy” of their month long marathon of performances on NBC Ice Dancing Specials.

Chaffee Recalls Skiing with President Ford

Thirty years before he died, President Gerald Ford skied down a slope in Vail listening to David Bowie.

It was at the end of his presidency, Dec. 27, 1976, when the vacationing Ford joined Olympic skier and Rutland native Suzy Chaffee at the Colorado resort for a few runs.

Telling the story after Ford’s death Tuesday in a telephone interview from Arizona, Chaffee said she almost didn’t get there.


Naomi Lang (Karuk), 5x National Ice Dancing Champand member of theUS Olympic Skating Team,who got a standing ovation at the 2002 Utah Olympics, turned pro this year and will ice dance with her Russian partner, Peter Tchernyshev,on an NBC Special Christmas Day around 2-4pm MT, 4-6 ET.

Naomi and Peter are fresh from performing on theinspiring Michael Bolton NBCSpecialon December 17th, where the pairwas like “liquid silver.” Stunning Naomi is the only Native American to participate in the Olympics in this Millennium, and first Native woman of ever compete in an Olympics.

Native American Olympic Team Foundation Celebrates Olympic Progress on 10th Anniversary

On the 10th Anniversary of Native American Olympic Team Foundation, the board held an election and celebrated some “phenomenal” progress for Indian youth. As newly elected Co-Chairman, Gary Lake (Shasta Vice Chair) said, “A single tribe cannot get their youth to the Olympics, but together we can.” “Thanks to key leaders of Indian Country uniting behind the Indian Olympic Bid, these dreams for their youth are within their grasp,” according to re-elected Co-Chair, Suzy Chaffee, an Olympic skier.

Native Americans seek recognition

A decade ago, Stew Young was flying down the slopes of the Swiss Alps, hoping his personal best would be good enough to take him to the Olympics.

But the Corvallis-area iron worker was paying for his own training, and he was in his late 30s — an old man by world-class athlete standards. He stopped short of his dream.

Now Young, a Tulalip Tribes member, is at the forefront of a movement to get more Native Americans into the Olympics. He and others are trying to help indigenous peoples overcome what they consider obstacles to competition — from bias in sporting circles to poverty that prevents youths from receiving the early, elite training that creates the top echelon of athletes.

Dissidents Disrupt Boston City Hall as Mayflower Descendants Clarify History

BOSTON, MA — A group of agitated Wampanoags disrupted the presentations at the Mayor’s Office of New Bostonians at City Hall on November 18, when descendants of the Mayflower Pilgrims and Wampanoag Chief Massasoit presented their uplifting original records and journals, in attempt to lift the cloud surrounding the history of Thanksgiving and the first 50 years of the Plymouth Plantation. The thorough cross-cultural research of the descendents revealed “a shining time when our diverse cultures had a meeting of hearts and minds and lived in harmony,” agreed Paul “Deerfoot” Weeden, a descendent of Massasoit and Orator of the Pokanoket Tribe of the Wampanoag Nation, and Connie Baxter Marlow, a descendent of Priscilla Mullins and John Alden (of “Speak for yourself John”)

Global Water Guru Considers Research Center in Big Bear, Says the Native American Olympic Team Foundation

BIG BEAR LAKE, Calif. — “I’m looking into starting a U.S. research center for Crystal Photography, and Big Bear Lake is one of the possibilities,” announced Dr. Masaru Emoto to the wide-eyed residents at a seminar at Northwoods Resort on Monday. After showing the microscopic crystals from frozen water in many cities (“no comment on LA and Tokyo”), as well as pristine and holy places around the world, he told them, “You should be proud of the beautiful clear crystals in your water.”

Dr Masaru Emoto (center) sharing his “key of life” crystal research at a seminar in Big Bear Lake (S.CA) with Suzy Chaffee (Olympic skier), Gina Weiss (host), and Blue Thunder (Serrano/E.Shosht: Christie Walker one) leader of the Medicine Wheel Ceremony that saved the community.
Photo credit: Christie Walker

American Hiking Society Invites Indian Nations to Join National Trails Day(R) June 4

June 4, 2005 marks the 13th National Trails Day, an annual celebration coordinated by American Hiking Society, with more than 1000 events across the U.S. “American Hiking Society warmly invites members of the American Indian Nations to join in the fun and healing of Mother Earth on National Trails Day at our magnificent National and Urban Parks,” said Ivan Levin, Trail Programs Manager of the Society.

Thoreau’s Focus on American Indians to be Revealed at Aspen Seminar

“Why, then, make so great ado about the Roman and the Greek, and neglect the Indian?,” wrote Henry David Thoreau in his Journal in 1857. A missing piece of what shaped this icon and American consciousness will be revealed at a weekend seminar in Aspen, Colorado June 3-5, 2005, entitled “Thoreau and the Evolution of the American Mind: The Next Step.” Thoreau scholar, Bradley P. Dean, Ph.D., will introduce highlights of Henry’s 12 “Indian Notebooks,” which he said, “includes just under 4,000 manuscript pages, probably to write a book he did not live to publish.” They reveal how Thoreau was intrigued by American Indians since his boyhood, and how this involvement influenced his philosophy

Snow Hero of San Bernardinos Gifted With Joy of Skiing

BIG BEAR LAKE, Calif. /Send2Press Newswire/ — “All We Need Is a Miracle” played on the Snow Summit Lodge’s loudspeaker when Bennie LeBeau (local Serrano-Eastern Shoshone), arrived for his ski lesson gift over the weekend. “He was treated like a homecoming hero for leading the Big Bear Medicine Wheel Ceremony on November 15th, 2004, which helped restore the magnificent lake, trees, springs, and best snow in 35 years,”.

Nuggets Fans Love Tribes of Colorado!

“The fans loved us,” said Snow Wing, Ute Mountain’s Miss Indian Colorado, as the Nuggets won their 3rd exciting victory (against LA Clippers) at Friday’s 3rd Annual “Salute to the American Indians of Colorado Night” at the Pepsi Center. 45 of Colorado’s finest pow wow dancers and princesses from the Southern Ute (near Durango) and Ute Mountain (near Cortez) Nations, united with the Denver Indian community, to give mainstream Coloradoans a chance to celebrate their splendid earth-honoring heritage, according to Native American Olympic Team Foundation (NVF).

What a surprise as I thought Americans and Canadians lost completely their links with the ancient roots, knowledge and traditions of the original inhabitants, so thanks for sharing and all your efforts. --Eduardo de la Barrera, Latin American

NAOTF’s inspiring work is helping bring racial harmony to America.”       -- President Bill Clinton

“As co-founder and Vice Chair of the U.S. House of Representative’s Native American Caucus (60 members), congratulations on your Native American Millennial Ski events. It’s heartening to know that there are groups like yours across America that are working to better the lives of their Indian friends and neighbors."     --Patrick Kennedy, Member of Congress 

"Congratulations on all the efforts of Native American Olympic Team Foundation. All of us at Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation hope that the success of our "Future Ute Olympians Program" (taught by Billy's Olympic coaches) will stimulate other resorts and towns to host Native American youth for ski and snowboarding experiences. If we may be of further help in spreading the word, please let us know." --Chris Diamond, President, and Billy Kidd, Director of Skiing